Dependable Online fax for the 804 area code

Fax Online for 804 Area Code

We sell online faxing products for the 804 area code.

We are hosted fax experts and process all faxes at our Richmond data center.  We would be a great choice for business faxing from the 804 area code to US destinations. Why, in short, we are close to you Richmond!

We maintain an ultra-low faxing error rate.

Many fax systems and services have high failure rates of about 10%. Our specially engineered system keeps these error rates under 3%, which leads the industry.

Fax Online Security Policy:

  • We do not keep facsimile images after transmission. The images are only buffered in solid state memory until emailed.
  • Email addresses are never used or distributed.
  • Our products are HIPAA compliant.

Fax to email as a PDF

$10/mo. per inbound fax number.  This is an inbound-only fax service.

Now with spam blocking services! We filter 70% of all spam faxes. Call us for more information.

Consider The Benefits Of Receiving Faxes By Email:

  • Think Green! Save copier toner and paper. Faxes are delivered to your email inbox.
  • Save time. No walks to the fax machine. No filing or finding paper faxes.
  • Local 804 telephone numbers from a local Richmond company. We can move your existing fax number.
  • Reduce spam. We filter junk faxes.

Just What Is A FaxInbox?

  • It’s a fax to email conversion service run from our data center. Fax senders send faxes just like they always do.
  • Each person has their own private, direct fax number.
  • When someone sends you a fax, it appears as a confidential Adobe PDF image file attachment to an email in your inbox. Just click the attachment to view the image.
  • The subject line of the email identifies the sending fax machine telephone number.

How Do We Compare To Other Services ?

Monthly Cost eFAX Plus is $16.95 per month FaxInbox is $10 per month
One time Cost $10 setup fee per number $100 setup fee per account
Discounts ??? Call us for discount options.
Quantity Included 150 pages/mo. incoming
150 pages/mo. outgoing
150 pages/month incoming. Call us for outgoing options.
Overages .10/page for overages .10/page for overages. Call us for special volume pricing.
Number Only 888, 877 or 866 numbers. Any Richmond number such as 804-266-6611.
Own your number? No.
Can overflow your current fax line to the fax service? Not without generation of long distance charges on your bill. Yes. Your current fax number will never ring as “busy.”
File format .PDF .PDF
Support Speak to an untrained representative in a distant call center. Call 804-266-6600 & talk to a knowledgeable person!

Print to Fax

$10/mo. per PC. This is an outbound-only fax service.

Sending faxes is as easy as using an office printer. We install a “facsimile printer” program on your PC. 

To send a fax you:

  • Select the fax printer
  • Input the destination telephone number
  • Select/edit a cover sheet
  • Press send

You get an email receipt of the success or failure of your fax sent.

Web to Fax / Email to Fax 

$10/mo. per number. This is an outbound-only fax service.

To send a fax, either:

  • Upload a file to a web site
  • Send an email with a file attachment to <10_digit_fax_number>

File attachments may be JPG, PDF, Adobe PostScript, TIFF, Microsoft Word, Excel, CSV, HTML & Plain Text formats.

Products costing $10/mo. are discounted as follows:

  • Two items = 2 x $9 = $18/mo.
  • Three items = 3 x $8 = $24/mo.
  • Four items = 4 x $7 = $28/mo.
  • Five items = 5 x $6 = $30/mo.

Hosted Fax Line

$29.95/mo. per line + $150 one-time.  This is a two-way fax service. 

Your existing fax machine/copier thinks it has a plain old telephone service (POTS).  We install a special adapter that converts the line into a specially conditioned FoIP that goes back to the Infotel Systems data center.