Text Y’All – One # Group Text & Voice Conference

TextY’all is a cell phone contact that you text or call:press-tya-on-phone

  • TEXT the #  – The text is relayed to all in your your private group.
  • CALL the #  – You enter audio conference, others receive a text to call the # to join you.

Easy for your group administrator to setup:

  • Request a unique TextY’all phone number dedicated to your organization.
  • Upload a cell phone number distribution list with managers listed first, and then attendees. (Email us for a process.)
  • Send out the first text to your group.

The system stores group communication records in one place:

  • Text message history log is kept in one place regardless of who initiated the text. This log is available from our website for download.
  • Audio conferences may be recorded and made available if desired.

 Popular Uses of TextY’all:

  • Urgent and emergency notifications to your employees
  • Last minute changes to events
  • Large group travel updates
  • Neighborhood watch advisories
  • Field security team tactical updates
  • After work spontaneous events: send out a text to call back that same number and hear about all the fun!

Why not just use a cell phone to group text?

  • You control who can create texts and who can just read texts. Large group texts where anyone can chime in are chaotic.
  • Each cell phone in your group needs to be identically set up. Mass changes to the group are cumbersome.
  • Some phones can’t group text. Group texting between Apple and Android is unreliable.
  • You don’t want your personal cell phone number given out. TextY’all uses a dedicated group telephone number.
  • Sometimes an audio conference call is required. This “one number” system makes voice conference calls inviting for the young “text me” generation.
  • Unlike texting from a cell phone, a single history log is kept of all messages attempted and sent.

But I already have a conferencing service…

  • You control who can start an audio conference and who can just join an active conference.
  • Our conference is secure. Only calls from registered cell phones can use the system.
  • ONE TOUCH CONFERENCE: The number to dial never changes, no PIN numbers to remember.
  • Our conference system is integrated with our text messaging application. It’s the same number!

TextY’all is secure:

  • Only your registered cell phones can use it. Anyone outside of your group will be denied services.
  • Both SMS text messaging and conference calls work on secure networks and are NOT on the internet.