Business VoIP Telephone Systems

 We can provide systems from 5 to 500 phones in size.  Since we have been selling communications systems since 1988, we include common sense items that the other “cookie cutter” or ship in a box solutions leave out.  We are Central Virginia’s number one choice for business VoIP phone systems!

Our unique features are

  • We focus on Virginia  businesses. We are close to our customers.  See a 3 minute video.
  • Backup 4G Internet when your Internet fails.
  • Integrated live answer services available as we also host an answering service.
  • Advanced after hours on-call features- ideal for service companies and Doctor’s offices.
  • Real door phones that are integrated with the system- many VOIP providers forget these or use a 3rd party solution.
  • Fast acting one touch park buttons and busy lamps that light on intercom calls just like your old phone system.
  • Phones with LCD labels OR ultra compact color paper labels.
  • Programmable “rest apps” on phones operate features instead of convoluted dial pad codes or web logins just to change a forward feature.
  • Cordless phones that have hands-free answer on intercom and unlimited range.
  • Optional dedicated CPU’s so we can customize your application vs a plain vanilla time-slice from a big carrier switch.