Setting “Show Dialpad” on Android Phones

android-show-dialdpad Press the Menu Key on your Android 2.x phone.

Select “Settings”.

On an Android 4.x phone, you may need to find and press three vertical dots which then provides a choice for settings.

android-show-dialdpad Select call settings.
android-show-dialdpad Scroll down to “Show Dialpad”.

“The “Show Dialpad” option does not exist on version 2.3.6 and possibly other 2.x versions.

android-show-dialdpad Check Service numbers if desired. Cell Gateway is not a “Service number” in Android speak but you will want this checked for other tasks.

Check custom phone number.

Press “Entered custom numbers”.


android-show-dial-pad Enter 804-726-1592.

Press OK.

Press [Back] button to exit.