Server Room Specs

Room construction
  • Tile floor to reduce static.
  • Drop ceilings
  • 4″ conduit raceways between floors
  • Plywood backboard across entire wall if practical furthest from the door or at least a 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood. Obey fire codes by using fire rated plywood and paint if required.
  • Install a temperature and humidity gauge.
  • Temperature between 50 and 75 degrees. Humidity between 35% and 60%. Monitor this.
  • Local AC units can NOT be above the computer rack. Put them above the door so defective units drip on the humans as they walk in the door.
  • Consult with AC professional for required BTU’s cooling for your server room based on generated equipment heat. See table below.
Examples -Actual load may vary
Item Amps Watts BTU
Server  4.9 588 2000
Workstation  2.5 294 1000
Telephone System  1.2 147 500
Routers, switches .2 28 100
1 Person working in room 117 400
Power & Ground
  • (2) 15 amp circuits with dedicated ground mounted 18″ from ceiling and 18″ from floor behind rack.
  • A ground wire conforming to National Electrical Code (NEC) code exists, runs down the plywood back board, across ladder rack and is tied to the rack.
  • All grounding in building must conform to NEC. Focus on bonding all separate grounds to a common ground point at the electrical panel. ONE COMMON GROUND POINT!
  • AC panel installed surge protection across your hot water heater or other 220 volt device. We have these available.
The Rack

19″ x 84″ Tall Computer Rack

  • Must be perpendicular to side wall and against side wall.
  • Have 36″ of room behind rack.
  • In rear of room.
  • Ladder is tied to plywood backboard

or 8U wall rack

  • Against side wall mounted to plywood.
  • Centered at 60″ above floor