Our Computer Purchase Policy

We will purchase any computer for you and charge just for our time in handling and computer configuration or you may take our recommendations and (except servers) shop on your own.

Work stations and laptops

We think Costco is an outstanding value due to a liberal 90 day return policy if you don’t like the PC. (performance, video, wrong configuration etc.)

We also recommend Dell computers and laptops. We sell these at our dealer cost.

Servers (or above if desired)

We need to order and build servers. .

General specs for laptops and work stations

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • 8 GB memory minimum. More if you edit graphics, movies or complex excel spread sheets. Or, use 7 programs at once!
  • Intel Core i3 processor minimum. i5 recommended.
  • 256K solid state hard drive or larger. Solid state helps with fast boot and launch of programs. If you are a 1-2 program  user or just a web surfer, a spinning hard drive is fine.
  • 23” or larger Dual monitors. Dual boost productivity.
  • 3 or more USB ports.
  • No real need for DVD. Today’s programs install from the Internet.

Specs for servers

We must handle everything.

We start with the software manufacturers recommendations. We always purchase at least next day hardware support unless a redundant computer array is built.