Emergency 4G Internet

Fast, reliable, emergency 4g Internet service is just one of the many ways that Infotel strives to be Central Virginia’s best choice for all of your hosted business telephone and VoIP needs. We have a special Verizon Wireless 4G /5G account with static IP and direct connectivity to your data center.  We have multiple devices in stock to loan out to our customers and partners when the Internet is down or for new installs when carriers are late.

Our MAX cellular routers provide fast and unbreakable wireless connectivity for installations where wired options are too expensive or difficult to implement. MAX routers will keep you connected using dual SIM cards and patented SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding technology.

This connectivity is crucial for enabling a wide range of applications such as fleet management, video surveillance, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile hotspots. InControl central management and GPS fleet tracking simplify your network, making it scalable and easy to manage, while SpeedFusion VPN protects the integrity of critical services.

Having a static IP ensures that you can connect to all of your company’s related accounts and services with seamless integration. In fact, many customers who have installed these systems have told us that they were unaware that their Internet was even down.  Our routers are also bondable across two cellular accounts. This redundancy is purposely built into our system to provide you with reliable, quality service even if one of your primary account holders is away on business or if their cellular service cannot be reached.

All of the above, blazing fast 20Mbps internet speeds makes Infotel Systems the clear choice for your emergency Internet and business VoIP  telephone needs.

  • Purpose built 4G router
  • Static IP
  • Bondable across 2 cellular accounts
  • Typical speed of 20Mbps down and 4Mbps up
Emergency 4G Internet

Infotel Systems ~ Richmond’s Premier Emergency 4g Internet and VoIP business solution specialists.