LTE/ 4G Internet Backup

We provide 4G backup Internet to many customers with unreliable Internet. We use special routers that have an integrated 4g radio installed. When the primary Internet fails, in under a second, the 4G kicks in.

Directional Antenna

This is a picture of a directional Verizon 4G antenna. We install this device on your roof to pull in a powerful 4G signal.

We survey to find the closest cell tower and then point the antenna in that direction.

Two low loss LMR-400 cables are connected to the connectors shown in the picture.

They are routed into your building from a side all. We never penetrate your roof.

The entire structure sites on a non-penetrating roof mounted weighted with cinder blocks. The entire weight is less that an average man at 180 lbs.

Emergency 4G Internet

Multi-wan Internet router

This is typical of the Internet router we use. The router has an integrated Verizon 4G/LTE radio for Verizon 4G Internet access and also Ethernet WAN connections for your primary Internet connection(s).

It is designed to detect primary Internet outages and switch over to 4G in under a second.

Speed Test

Here is the speed test taken from our lab at Infotel Systems.

35 MB download and 29MB upload!

We also can provide static IP as we have an Internet static IP block reserved with Verizon Wireless.