My Business Phone Number is Flagged as Spam

Example scenario of calls to a Verizon cell phone or Comcast landline

You call from your Infotel Systems VoIP phone system. The answering party sees a “Spam” warning on their Verizon cell phone.

A telemarketing company is spoofing your (TN) telephone number. So, a consumer reported the TN to the 3rd party database that Verizon uses on their CALL FILTER product.

Anyone can spoof your phone number. It won’t get completely fixed until June of 2023 when everyone is compliant with a technology called  stir/shaken. Infotel Systems 100% stir/shaken compliant per this FCC database.

THE FIX: You must submit a case to the database Verizon uses at  You will get a tracking number for your case within minutes.

THE IMMEDIATE FIX: We temporarily change your outbound caller ID to a backup phone number such as from 804-266-6600 to 804-266-6688 until the database is updated.

CALL FILTER – The carrier/private industry Robocall mitigation effort

As covered above, carriers use 3rd party spam databases to screen calls to your cell phone.  We feel the government was too slow to react and thus private industry acted with CALL FILTER

Carriers mark outbound calls as spam as follows;

  • Verizon – “Potential Spam”
  • T-mobile – “Scam Likely”
  • AT&T – “Spam Risk” or “Fraud Risk”
  • Sprint – “Potential Fraud”
  • Comcast – “Spam?” followed by the caller ID

The spam filters are software and/or services that go by  NoMoRobo, Mr Number, YouVOXX, CIACall Blocker, CallApp, Call Control, YouMail,Robokiller, Truecaller.  It is these apps that dip the databases such as TNS.

The three FCC Robocall mitigation efforts

In the examples below “You” is really your telephone number and who ever answers.

Do Not Call – Telemarketers with no business relationship established with “you” check if it’s OK to cold call.  Good only for legitimate firms. Won’t help with “extended car warranty” calls.

Reassigned Numbers Database – Telemarketers with an old relationship with “you” check to see if your number has moved to a new owner and thus the relationship is severed.

Stir/Shaken – USA based carriers must implement a technology called STIR/SHAKEN by June 30,2022 or June 2023 depending on the carrier size. All carriers are required to report their STIR/SHAKEN progress  to the FCC Robocall Mitigation Database Infotel Systems is fully compliant.  Click here for our our Robocall FCC registration.