Cell Gateway FAQ

How it works

You press a speed dial button on your registered cell phone to call our telecom center. Our center answers with a second dial tone. From here, you dial your destination. We modify your Caller ID and record the call on the outbound call going out to your destination. Here are instructions in chronological order.

Infotel staff sets up your account

Demo accounts are free for a year and are provided only to customers, prospects and our network referral agents.

We can turn on and off features such as call recording, maximum call length, etc. Tell us what you need.

You program your cell phone

Set up a one touch speed dial button on your phone

Add our gateway number to your calling circle plan on your cellular account to make free phone calls via Cell Gateway.

 Making Calls

If your destination is seeing your cell phone caller ID, it is because you pressed your SEND button after dialing your destination. This is not an issue if you use our dialing software or create One Touch “speed dial” buttons.

If you dial 7 digits, the system pre-pends the area code of your cell phone. In other words, dialing is like a local call works.

Once your phone number is understood, the system plays the “Good input” beep. Wait a few more seconds and you will hear the call go through with a result of possibly ringing or a busy signal.

While on a Call

You will hear the “two minute warning” beeps telling you your allotted call time is almost up. You will hear again at one minute and again just before forced disconnect. You can extend this time by emailing service123 (at) infotelsystems.com with a request.

Call recordings are stored as wav files that match the native format of telephone calls for maximum fidelity. This format creates files at the rate of 1/2 MB per minute. Large files can result, thus, a hyperlink is sent to your email to prevent large files from being transferred in those emails.

As Cell Gateway is in the middle of the call, the quality of the recording is higher than the audio quality heard cell phone to cell phone.

Just after your destination hangs up, you can leave a memo

Once your destination hangs up, and Cell Gateway recognizes this and you hear “Hang-up Complete, record memo (beep). If you leave a memo, it is attached to your call report.

Memos are not stored but are emailed directly. The design of emailed memo and hyperlinked call recording is intentional to aid troubleshooting “can’t play audio” issues.

Memos have a 60 second time limit

The memo feature has a separate number you can reach directly.

Then you get a call report with possibly wav audio attachments

See this link if you can not play audio files.

If you did not get a report, please check your spam filter and also try a second call.

When you get your cellular phone bill

If you have a calling circle plan on your cellular account, put our gateway number 804-726-1592 on your plan to make free phone calls via Cell Gateway.

All calls made via Cell Gateway show as the same number on your bill. If not already free, these calls are easy to mark for reimbursement.

See Business Calls Reimbursement Process


We cancel fraudulent accounts.

We do not allow you to setup accounts as the system can alter Caller ID numbers. We comply with state and federal laws on Caller ID modification.

Call recordings are held for 30 days then erased. Our telecom center is live audio and video monitored. Our employee’s average ten (10) years with us and are all registered, fingerprinted and criminal background checked with the (DCJS) Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.


Please respond to the Cell Gateway reports address. That is service123 (at) infotelsystems.com.

Allow 48 hours for a response unless you have a paid account with us.

See our pricing page for rates.