Verizon FIOS Project  for Southlake Blvd

To: 5xx Southlake Blvd businesses locations.
From: Infotel Systems. An independent contractor.
Regarding: Getting Verizon FIOS fiber.

Your business does not yet qualify for Verizon FIOS. We fix that. We are Infotel Systems. A Virginia Class A contractor. We get businesses qualified and connected to Verizon FIOS.

We have negotiated with Verizon to extend FIOS currently at 501 Southlake Blvd along the pictured red path to 4 (purple) FIOS vaults (handhole) referred to as left, middle and right.

Verizon will not extend FIOS service “from the curb” into the business without an installed  conduit path. This path allows Verizon to “simply” push their fiber through the conduit from the curb vault all the way to the business “communication closet” to where a new Verizon FIOS Optical Network Terminal (ONT) will be installed.

Businesses currently using other carrier products should know this is an all optical solution with a typical business cost of $139.99/mo for a 150 MB/150MB connection with 1 static IP. Other speeds are available.

Steps to get Verizon FIOS

  1. Email your interest.  (Contact info of tenant and contact info of building owner)
  2. We survey and provide the cost of a fiber conduit from the FIOS vault into your business at the desired location of the Verizon ONT.
  3.  Verizon will intstall the FIOS service at the location of the red line and 4 purple vaults below.
  4.  We order and extend the service via the new conduits to your business communications closet.

Purple FIOS Vaults 1, 2 and 4 are located next to Verizon copper terminals as also pictured. Vault 3 is as pictured soas to be in the natural path of the red FIOS mainline.  Lime green is the 1.25″ FIOS inter duct from FIOS vault to building outside ONT location.



Here is a wide view of the project


FIOS Vault 1

…to a shared vault between 521 and 501 research road buildings. Trench dug into wood chips mulch.

… and ends here between the buildings

FIOS Vault 2

… to 530 Southlake Building. Conduit ends below and right of Comcast terminal. All grass path.

FIOS Vault 3 (Optional)

… to Ingersoll Rand building located at 540 Southlake Blvd. This requires a bore under parking lot. Conduit ends in corner as pictured.

FIOS Vault 4

… to 554 Southlake Blvd conduit install. All grass path except a hand dig for under sidewalk. Conduit ends in corner under Comcast terminal.

The project document is here.

Why is Infotel Systems doing this?

  1. A few business listed above are our customers. We need new Verizon FIOS customer’s to get Verizon FIOS for our customers.
  2. The cost we charge for the conduits has a break even cost goal. Greater FIOS install density means lower conduit cost per customer.