Our Suggested Video Conference Platform

We see in the market a wide range of prices and confusing add-on options. Below is a comparison of two popular video conference vendors for a typical small office setup. We will support the Zoom setup.

Media device with audio, usb and video outputs.Icon 800 is $13,999Intel media NUC is $1295 (Infotel Systems) or use a laptop.
Audio conference deviceincluded with above Icon 800Konftel 300x is $695
First cameraincluded with Icon 800Panacast 2 is $1295
2 extra microphones$399 x 2$150 x 2
Added camera10x camera is $299$69.95
4k video display 50" Market prices of about $500Market prices of about $500
Cloud video conference services$416.67/mo for 25 users$14.95/mo for 100 users
Media device support$899/yr
Added camera support$200/yr$0
Microphone support$70/yr$0
WebinarIncluded for 25 attendees$54.99/mo for 100 attendees
Audio meet me number???$100/mo
Conferencing feature enhancementIncluded$49/mo for a Zoom Room


Based on this comparison, we prefer zoom.us. We suggest our customers purchase the product directly and we will provide technical support as needed.


Auxiliary Audio for Hard of Hearing

We install an application on the users android or iphone that rebroadcasts the audio to headphones connected to the smartphone.

The user may hear the original speakers live audio before the audio rebroadcast from the smartphone device. In this case, the speaker can only use amplified audio from one point. We suggest an amplified mini lectern.