Business VoIP Telephone Systems

We provide all of the industry recognized top 20 features:

  • Audio conference system for up to 50 attendees
  • Conference phones that sound GREAT but don’t cost a lot.
  • CRM integration to any CRM to include Zoho, Sales Force, SugarCRM and Outlook.
  • Free Music on hold production.
  • Advanced Automated Attendant that can even accept pin numbers or account numbers for choices.
  • Mobile twinning and mobility options to take calls and manage calls on your cell phone. We even wrote our own smart phone software.
  • Day/Night/ Holiday and weather menus are a single button press.
  • Customer self web administration
  • Call Reporting and call accounting with integrated call recording hyperlinks (We even have an accountant on staff that loves to analyze staffing reports!)
  • Follow me, forward, DND
  • Voicemail to email with text transcription by IBM Watson.
  • Easy call transfers using one-touch park buttons instead of convoluted key presses.
  • Cordless phones that have hands-free answer on intercom and unlimited range.
  • Call recording.
  • Dial by name directory.
  • Over the phone, overhead and/or warehouse/loading dock paging.
  • Secure Voice calling that exceeds all other offerings as we encrypt the voice path
  • Busy Lamp. Know who is on the phone. Some customers simply want a “who- is-on-the-phone” indicator button for each person. We can do that!
  • Phones at home or linked second office (Centralized receptionist)
  • Door phones


Unique features that the big phone company misses

  • Great Service- Never call that big phone company again !
  • Great audio quality. We operate our own data center and have more control over Internet facilities to control the “Voice over Internet” VoIP signal to you.
  • Wireless phones: Our Panasonic wireless phones are recognized as the the best in the industry by independent sources.
  • Secure voice: Our delivery of VoIP has very secure.
  • Customization: We offer dedicated processors where we can safety provide advanced customized scripting after a complete system test!
  • Warranties that mean something and are easy to use. We will simply swap a phone or router if a (rare!) chronic condition exists.
  • Door phones and door openers that work.
  • Flexible audio paging to phones and or overhead speakers without convoluted hacks.
  • Real Caller ID Name on inbound calls. Caller ID Name is such an issue we started a business from it!
  • Call center reports you can understand.
  • Automated attendants that are easy to change.
  • A phone line for every phone. No busy signals.

Additional Features