Audio Issues

Smart Phone Audio Issues

For Android phones, go to Google Play and install “Remote Wave” by Yontao Wang.

For iPhones, go to the Apple Store and install “WavePlayer.”

PC Audio Issues

We Have Tested Playing .wav Files From These Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9.x
  • Firefox 18.x
  • Chrome 24.x

Most audio issues are due to an audio file incompatibility with your browser’s plug in.

Our File Format

We use a file format compatible with most .wav audio players. It’s an 8 kbytes per second PCM (linear) format that streams at 64 kbps rate. Your internet is likely 500 times faster than this rate if it’s a 30 Mbps download. So, it’s not a capacity thing.

Play Audio in Another Browser

  1. Hover over “call recording here” link and you will see the actual URL to the audio file on our servers
  2. Right click on the link and choose “Copy Hyperlink”
  3. Paste the link into a different branded browser than the one you are using by default

Make Another Browser Your Default Browser

Fix or Change Your Browser’s Audio File “Add-On” or “Plugins”

We Know These Add-Ons Work

  • VLC Web Plugin 2.0 from
  • Apple’s QuickTime plug-in
  • Or delete all add-ons and the audio will be played by an external program

Test That Your Computer Can Even Play a .wav File

Play a Wave File Directly From One of These Sites to Prove the Issue is not with Your PC

Still can’t play a file?

Send us a report of what you tried from above to: service123(at)