Panasonic VoIP PBX vs FreePBX VoIP Systems

Panasonic wins

  • if you like a lot of buttons in a small place. With the FPBX, you need to add a side car to match # of buttons. Buttons show the busy status of your office staff and allow easy one-touch intercom.
  • If you have very old wiring
  • If you need a very advanced cordless phone solution.

The FPBX system wins on

  • Advanced voicemail
    • The voicemail can transcribe voicemail messages to text.
    • Transcribed voicemail messages can be analyzed for emotional context.
    • Upon simultaneous ring of desk and cell phone, the voicemail will verify your cell phone answer is a human. Prevents business call going to personal cell phone voicemail.
  • The after hours on call is more advanced and capable of replacing an answering service.
    • Calendar for  on call
    • Custom programmable
    • Better escalation to backup on call staff
  • Customers have access to a web based GUI to make changes.
  • Call reports are much more advanced.
    • You can have a reader board
    • The system can record all calls and present them as audio hyperlinks in the call reports.
  • Call queuing is more advanced
    • “You are call number 3,  estimated wait time is 3 minutes”
    • Easily change the answering order of agents