Secure, dedicated VoIP links for Richmond, VA Business

Every other VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)  providers send calls over the open Internet. We are the only Richmond area provider to use secure carrier based VPN connections to your phones. We believe this difference matters for security consistence customers.

How Does VoIP Phone Service in RVA work?

For Infotel Systems, different than everyone else. We connect directly to your local Internet service provider.

VoIP calls are placed using either a computer, VoIP phone or conventional telephone that is connected to an adapter. With VoIP phone service, calls can be made to either a telephone or another computer, giving you more flexibility in the way you communicate with family, friends and colleagues.

How our VoIP Service Compares to Other Phone Services in RVA

There are several similarities and differences between Richmond VoIP and traditional business phone services.


Just like traditional phone service, VoIP customers in Richmond can make local, long distance and also international calls. Calls can be made to any phone number whether it’s a landline or a mobile phone.

VoIP phone calls offer good sound quality the people you’re calling won’t be able to distinguish a traditional call from a VoIP call.

Infotel Systems VoIP Richmond is a VoIP provider offering customers the same great calling features as traditional phone companies.


Unlike traditional phone services in Richmond, you’ll need an internet connection to make VoIP phone calls. With other VoIP providers, you will not be able to place calls if your internet goes out. With Infotel Systems, we offer backup Verizon 4G connections to maintain connectivity to our Verizon co-located cloud.

VoIP calls are delivered over a packet switched network and don’t require any phone lines.  Traditional business phone services are delivered over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and require phone lines in order to receive service. Traditional phone service, therefore, is restricted to your home while VoIP service can be portal and utilized from any spot that has an internet connection.

Who is the best Richmond VoIP Provider?

We are not going to call us the best. That’s very subjective. While there are a variety of Richmond VoIP providers from which to choose, Infotel Systems VoIP offers business VoIP unlike most others. Visit us, hear our story and decide for yourself.

Unlike others who claim to be local,  EVERYTHING we do is local.  We have Richmond based technicians and data center.  As your only 100% local VoIP provider, we know Richmond’s networks. You aren’t working with an agent for a hosting provider in Pennsylvania, you are working with people in RVA. If you have an issue or problem, we can dispatch one of many techs within one hour.

Our secure and dedicated connections what sets Infotel Systems VoIP apart from other Richmond VoIP Providers.  We developed everything we sell and truly are the VoIP experts in Richmond.