Financial Service Communications and Secure Medical Communications


You can’t stop a good sales person from taking credit card and protected account information over the phone.  You want them to close the sale.  Yet, many business users of VoIP phone systems are violating security guidelines of  the industry.  The penalties can be severe. Google

We provide hundreds of powerful communication features. Yet, our security conscious customers place communications security as our #1 feature. We list in detail these standards below.

  • FIRNA – FINRA is dedicated to protecting investors and safeguarding market integrity.
  • HIPPA -Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
  • PCI-If you process credit card transactions, you are bound by these VoIP telephone system security rules.
  • SOX – In 2002, congress passed to protect the general public from accounting errors and fraudulent practices in enterprises.
  • Personal Data Privacy and Security Act –  prevent and mitigate identity theft, to ensure privacy, to provide notice of security breaches.
  • FCC E911 – Federal Communications Commission regulations on emergency calling.

So what is the security compliance of your current VoIP provider?

  • Vonage VoIP explains the dangers of using VoIP if you verbally take credit cards over the phone. Their web site states “What can you do to protect yourself?, DON’T USE VOIP.
  • Ring Central use of encryption started in late in 2018 according to bulletins.
  • Many smaller VoIP providers are not yet compliant with these regulations.   
  • Infotel Systems has encrypted their VoIP communications since the very first VoIP customer in 2003.   


Infotel Systems designs for VoIP security.

Many security standards have similar VoIP security compliance methods.  Interpreting some standards can make your head spin. Thus, we take an old school approach. Some would say it’s a lean six sigma approach. In short, we make it impossible to fail or just over engineer to comply.  Just a few examples are;

  • VPN– We encapsulate your voice transmission in a VPN. This protocol is the only way we connect.
  • Voice Recordings – Internet accessible voice recordings violate several regulations. We can provide a recording server with no open Internet connection.
  • Separation of voice & data networks – We run separate voice & data cables and use separate voice and data switches.
  • Internet backup – We offer 4G Internet backup to meet business continuity guidelines.

You want security, just don’t lock the door, eliminate the door! You want traffic to stay in a lane, don’t just post a no passing sign, build another road. Our old school methods are deliberately a bit more complex than shipping phones in a box. We know that national providers can’t dispatch to do the things above.

We offer a simple security audit at no cost and will provide you  a written report to show to your current VoIP provider. Call us now for a free evaluation at 804-266-6600.

We are RVA’s local phone company and we keep you (SECURELY) connected!