Small Office VoIP Phone System

System Features:

  • 600 advanced PBX features (ask for a list)
  • Mix of desk and cordless phones (up to 8 phones)
  • Voice mail sends messages to your email as a .wav file
  • Full duplex speakerphones with hands-free intercom
  • Caller ID name and number  small office VoIP telephone
  • Simultaneous ring to 2nd location
  • Powerful, feature-rich automated attendant
  • Call reports
  • included
  • All phones have 1/8″ headset jackmall officeVoIP telephone

Additional Wireless Phone Features:

  • Hands-free intercom: wear cordless on belt and answer intercom calls while your hands are full
  • Uses low-cost rechargeable batteries found anywhere
  • Advanced features much like a smart phone
  • “Unlimited” range cordless phone uses pictured KX-A06 repeater
  • Reliable, professional, courteous service
  • Ongoing support from our highly trained staff

One time required costs are $495:

  • Base unit KX-TPA600 (pictured)
  • Install with one new telephone number
  • Deal with your current carrier to port your existing numbers to us
  • UPS for service reliability

Add phones $99 each:


  • $99/mo for unlimited local and long distance phone service (3 call paths)
  • $39/mo for an internet router, POE switch and maintenance


  • $99 for wireless repeater, doubles cordless phone range in direction of repeater (pictured)
  • $29 corded headset
  • $9/mo Fax to email –
  • $39/mo Backup Verizon 4G Internet that maintains voice and data continuity when primary internet fails
  • $25/mo Temp office setup (Your number is forwarded to a cell phone until the system is installed.)
  • $20/mo
  • Options such as CRM integration and customized call reports (available for a fee)

At no charge, we will assist eliminating the cost of POTS lines by converting your:

  • Alarm lines to IP or 4G 
  • Chip card compliant credit card machines to IP