Voice Paging Solutions

We install background music, masking and paging solutions by www.valcom.com & www.bogen.com.

Voice paging best fulfills requirements of OSHA and Homeland Security!


We install a variety of ceiling speakers to suit the task. 2′ drop ceiling, hard plaster ceiling and ez-mount surface speakers are pictured.

Easy install Ceiling speaker High fidelity speaker 2x2 tile speaker

Ten (10) position volume controls in each room attenuate the room volume down from the master volume on the amplifier or music source.

18 gauge stranded cable with a separate outer jacket is used.

10 position volume control 18-2 speaker cable

We use a quality, hi fidelity amplifier, rated at 2 – 3 times the speaker load.

100 watt wall amplifier
Music source

We recommend the use of satellite radio or MP3 player for the music source.

xm radio receiver ipod music source