Technology Disaster Recovery

Fixing Your Voice & Data Carrier Service (Be your own doctor)

Report your carrier issue then call back 5 minutes later and get that rep to read your repair order out of the carrier’s trouble ticket system. Make sure your report is accurate and as you reported it.

Never get mad at a carrier repair rep or your restaurant waiter as either may “spit in your food”. If they put you on a 10 minute hold, that may be their way of putting you in time out!

Call your fax machine to see if you have lost power before blaming the carrier that your systems are down.

After a storm,  get to the office early and test systems. Calling your carrier at 7am means you are ticket number 9. At 9am, you are ticket number 499 and it’s a long line.  tells you what those red blinking lights indicate on your failed Internet router or other communications device. You will need this information to effectively report issues to your carrier.

Circuits are most affected by wet weather 24 HRS AFTER a storm, by water that wicks into cables. Make a mental note when rain affects your area in case the effects don’t immediately show.

Have the number of two of your closest business neighbors that have the same utilities and call them for carrier-down reality checks. Reporting that your building or area is down gets you fixed faster.

Most repair requests are delayed by several minutes because account information can not be found. Post this info in your utility closet or by your router or phone system.

  • Carrier repair telephone number
  • Billing telephone number and customer account number
  • Circuit numbers
  • Main IP address

Voice Service Specifics

Add call forwarding to your non VoIP carrier voice service. After a storm is not the best time to request emergency call routing from your carriers.

In an emergency, Infotel can provide a free service that will allow you to call from your cell phone but show your office phone number.

In the event all circuits fail, have more than a single internet carrier for VoIP service. Have a second path. We can show you a few low-cost ways to have backup voice lines.

We offer a Voice Disaster Recovery Service to answer your business calls when your telephone system is down. This service is included at no added charge with our VoIP services.

Internet Service Specifics

Buy a Verizon 4G $50/mo 4G USB modem and a USB to Ethernet router. Use the 4G for field use and, if office Internet goes down, use the device to provide Internet for the office. These devices are available with static IP. We use these same devices for emergency Internet in our office.

Dual Internet routers allow for Internet access continuity. The cost to deploy is less than staff sitting around doing nothing.   An electrical engineer, two physics majors and many techs helped us write this site.

Know how to PING your IP devices from your smart phone. This test is a basic “Hello, are you there?” reality check and troubleshooting 101. You will need to understand pinging to report logically to your technology providers.


A $150 (12 VDC to 120 VAC) inverter connected to your car’s battery will power your phone system, Internet router, and three computers.

Have you ever touched your refrigerator or washing machine and gotten a shock? If so, you had an electrical ground issue. Now do you think your computer server will tolerate bad grounds any better? We have a master electrician on staff. $99 audit is good money spent.

Keep a cheap alarm clock that flashes 12:00…12:00…12:00 when it loses power. Then you can answer questions like “Did we lose power last night?” and why is the file server acting strange.”

We can recommend an electrician that will install a breaker panel surge mounted protector for under $300.00. Why let lightning strikes go any further than this?

You must have a $50 UPS on every PC and a $500 UPS on your server.

Access to files

Not everything belongs in the cloud. You can buy a Linux based file server with built-in cloud backup services for under $700.00.

Keep a laptop in the office. They have built in batteries. You can copy files to it and take it to a place that has power.

Team Communications

Create a text message group on all manager cell phones to communicate.

We can provide meet-me voice conferencing services for up to 150 people. Then, you can text your manager group with a message such as “Call 800-555-1212 and enter 12345 in 5 minutes for an emergency management audio conference.”

Google docs and other similar products allow your management team to work a collaborative disaster recovery checklist. Cloud docs exist safely away from regional disasters.