Voice Break-up and Delay

Your phone – your Internet carrier – Infotel Systems – our voice carriers- the world ——- the callers cell phone or office VoIP phone phone system 

The Echo test

  • You dial a code or telephone number
  • the system answers and explains what the echo test is all about
  • and then immediately goes into echo mode.
  • SAY SOMETHING such as “tea, tea, tea”.
  • The system will repeat back to you the same audio it receives. The audio travels from your phones microphone, to our data center and back to your earpiece.

1st Test: Your VoIP phone to Infotel Systems data center and back

Dial *43 from your VoIP phone and perform the Echo Test.
If you hear audio delay at this time, or have voice break-up, then there is an issue between your office and us, this is our responsibility

2nd Test: Cell phone call to Infotel Systems data center to your VoIP phone

Call from your VoIP phone to your cell phone.
Mute your cell phone mic
Talk into your VoIP phone
Listen on your cell phone earpiece

3rd Test: Replicating a bad call from “far away” and how echo can be happen

Dial 509-640-3030 from your cell phone and perform the Echo Test.
This test should generate the most amount of delay, as the call is taking a long path. This simulates a caller who subscribes to a poor VoIP provider calling you.