On Hold & Queue Messages


We can play music or any on hold message(s) when you place callers on hold. The messages play from the beginning with every on hold instance.

We can play queue messages also known as comfort messages for extended hold times as users press a menu option such as appointment scheduling.

We will provide on hold messages for you as follows

What is free

Any audio file you provide us will be loaded to your system at no cost!

We maintain a license for On Hold music from www.bensound.com for our customers.  Please choose any music file and we will install it for free. If you are talented to mix the audio with speech, kudos to you!


We will install and teach you to use Audacity Audio Player so you may better produce your own audio files. Cost is $124/hr with 1 hour minimum.

We will produce a speech (narration) with www.bensound.com  music background for you for a flat $100 plus $25 per file produced. The work must come in one sitting and be documented to your google doc.

We need the script text and the the www.bensound.com music file to use sent to service123@infotelsystems.com

We can stream live audio sources such as NPR or other streaming service provided we have a license from you. We charge for this due to bandwidth use on our network. See us for details.