Service Company Communications

We understand service and on call orientated companies as that is what we are. We dispatch, provide 24/7/365 on call, bill for our time in the field, need to document our calls. We have a feature rich VoiP telephone system suited for the service industry.

After Hours On Call

Replace expensive answering services.

These systems contact the correct scheduled technician each night and either play a recorded message, email the audio message with attached text transcription of the call or actally transfer the customer live.

In the event a tech is unavailable, the system will escalate to a supervisor.

All calls are logged for quality assurance.


Call Audio Recording

Did the technican really say that?

We can record the audio of customer calls from your desk phones or cell phones and add them as a clickable hyperlink to the report above!



Call Detail Reports

Did we ever call the customer back?

Call reports show the telephone calls made from and received to your system. You can view a complete history or calls, or to search by date, date range, number called, caller ID, etc. 


Call Queuing

Smooth out the call peaks. Never use a hold button!

You are a HVAC company and it's 100 degrees outside, or a plumber during a frigid freeze.

You may have periods of high call volume! We can queue these calls and prevent any busy signals. We will then provide a display of how well you are answering calls.


Wireless phones
Wireless headsets

Unchain your receptionist from their desk

Paired with the receptionist phone, these devices allow the receptionist to roam the office, go to the warehouse or to an outside truck and still stay connected.

The Panasonic KX-TCA385 is rugged rated and can be warrantied for 7 years! It allows full reception control such as page and transfer.

Headsets just allow for call answer and hangup.


Artifical Intellegence

Now that we have given you all this data, maybe we can help prioritize it?

We use services from IBM Watson to transcribe audio messages to text. We can also analyze this text for emotion and score it. The results may mean the difference between a normal or urgent email message.