Text Message Solutions

Let us “text enable” your business voice telephone number to also receive text messages!

You can process texts in three ways;

  • Smartphone/PC App –  This is the traditional method. Text messages are delivered to a second text app we install on your smart phone or desktop PC. It’s like a text message line 2.
  • Email + Web – Text messages are delivered to an email address w/ a reply web form link. You can also initiate new text messages using the web form.
  • Email Relay – Text are sent to your email address. You email back to respond but CAN NOT initiate a new text.

We also have a a work group texting app called TextYAll – It’s a one number voice and text service. Every service company should have this to stay connected with their field service people.

SMS Consent Policies

Opt-In Policies:

  • In providing any telephone number to Infotel Systems, you knowingly consent to text/sms communications initiated from us to those numbers.
  • Sending us a text message to our phone numbers such as 804-266-6600 implies consent for us to then respond back by text.

Opt-Out Policy:

  • Call us at 804-266-6600 or email service123@infotelsystems.com with the request to STOP texting (phone number)
  • Reply to our text with the single word “STOP”.

Our Call to Action (How we advertise our text /sms numbers)

  • “Call or Text 804-266-6600” and is listed on our front page.
  • A text/SMS enabled direct dial voice number is listed on a business card.
  • A text/SMS number is listed in an advertisement.

Cost for SMS

The only cost incurred for text message communication to/from Infotel Systems may be message rates incurred by your SMS carrier (Verizon, AT&T, TMobile).

Content & Consent

SMS messages to/from us are considered “conversational” & “informational”.

You may also view our Privacy Policy here to learn how we collect or use your information https://infotelsystems.com/service/privacy-policy

For any questions see https://infotelsystems.com/contact.