Know When Your Call Center Is Failing

We scan call audio for specific phrases then report.


Issues - Call Recordings & Contact Reports

  • Subjective - Biased interpretation of caller sentiment. Call reports come from multiple sources.  
  • Time consuming - Reviewing 3 hours of call recordings takes 3 hours. 
  • Too Late -  Reviews of audio recordings or contact reports are post-mortem. 
  • HIPPA -  Does not comply in most scenarios.

Advantages - Infotel AI Call Analytics

  • Objective - Makes consistent pre-programmed observations.
  • Automatic - Fully automated. We alert you only when needed.
  • Real Time - Alerts after a phone call or to a daily report.
  • HIPPA - In HIPPA mode, we detect key phrases of your agent only.


  • Have a call center agent contest for most positive customer responses. "Wow", That is fantastic", sounds wonderful!" 
  • Measure ad performance by caller response. "I want the radio1 special" or "I searched Google for ..".
  • Insure quality sales & support intake. "Are your HVAC registers blowing air?", "Are you running a fever? ,"Your insurance has lapsed"

How You Benefit

  • Be alerted to critical customer phone conversations to retain more customers!
  • Avoid subjective manager reviews, AI scoring creates objective team performance improvement
  • Insure phone conversations are industry compliant. Reduce business risk.