Text Y’All – Ridiculously Easy Group Text or Conference Call

TextY’All  – (verb) To text or call your assigned telephone number.

  • Call. You are instantly in an audio conference. All others are texted to join you.
  • Text. The text is broadcast to all.

What does Text’YAll do better?

Audio Conference

  • Does not require a PIN number. Your Caller ID is the security code.
  • You can make it a speed dial on your cell phone. One touch, your in.

Group Texting

  • The group list is centrally managed
  • The text comes from your dedicated number so you can set a priority alert on it. (Only this beeps you at 4am)
  • It’s secure. You won’t accidently text to it nor will an old employee get the text.

Popular Uses of TextY’all:

  • Urgent notifications to your employees
  • Last minute changes to events.
  • Large group travel updates
  • Neighborhood watch advisories
  • Field security team tactical updates
  • After work spontaneous events: send out a text to call back that same number and hear about all the fun!