The Panasonic Rugged Wireless VoIP Phone

  • Rugged Rated and IP67 Water Rated

  • Industry Best 7 Year Warranty

  • Pairs With Your Desk Phone

  • Answers Intercom Calls Hands-Free

  • Integrates With Overhead Paging As Added Speaker

  • Answers All Pages With One Touch

  • Replaces Two-Way Radio Systems

  • Unlike Personal Cell Phones, It's All Business!

#1 Wireless Worldwide

Panasonic is the #1 brand in wireless and cordless phone sets according to and google reviews. The reason dates back to Japaneses culture that had a disdain for voicemail. Thus, answering the phone immediately was required. Thus, Panasonic got an early start on the technology. Panasonic is a top rated electronics manufacturer. Thier quality of production allows us to back these phones with an optional 7 year manufacturers warranty. Any failure is covered unless the plastic case or circuit board is cracked or wet damaged.

Mobility Accessories

  • Wired or Bluetooth headset that brings the auto answer feature privately to your ears.
  • Drop lanyard that extends the life of the phone. It clips to your shirt or belt and to the phone to prevent a fumble from hitting the floor.
  • Arm sleeves and Neck lanyards when you can't wear a belt.