Infotel AI - Call Analytics



Your homework is to provide us a "words" spreadsheet as illustrated below. Your data is on two separate worksheet tabs.

We can turn on the system without a phrase list to get started. The text in these un-scored reports can be cut and pasted into your spreadsheet. Below is specifically what we need.

 Phrases To Detect

    • scan your call transcriptions for relevant phrases
    • sort alphabetically in Excel for easy management
    • Use values of 5 to 100 positive phrases and -5 to -100 for negative phrases
    • Critical phrases can use a value of over 1000 (-1000) to stand out

words.xls - worksheet tab 1

phrase to detectphrase value
prices are high-25
is great10
is wonderful20
i like your service20
is broken again-10
tech did not show-20
not working-10
am sorry-10
cancel my-50
cancelling my-50
want to cancel-50

Keywords to Train

  • These are complex words that without training could be improperly transcribed
  • They can have a value but usually the value is set to zero.

words.xls - worksheet tab 2

keyword to trainkeyword value

We Adjust Report Filters

  • Only report on calls with high or low value. We use the default values of 50 and -50 in the example. Email is marked as;
    • low importance (down arrow) for scores above 50. (Good conversations)  
    • not marked for scores within bounds (normal conversations)
    • high importance (!) for scores below -50 (Bad conversations)
  • Ignore phrases in the first and/or last x lines. Default = 5. 
  • Minimum and maximum call length to report. Default = 3 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Repeated words on same line only count once. (Gomer Pyle calls Sargent Carter and say's "Thank you, thank you, thank you!")
  • Calls to analyze
    • All inbound calls or just inbound from your area code
    • All outbound calls or just outbound to your area code
    • Telephone number the caller dialed such as a web SEO marketing number added to your system 
    • By individual extension or ACD group

We Email You A Report

Some basic info is listed at the top of the report is pictured.

CALL Scoring

We score the call based on summing the positive and negative values of agent and/or caller phrases.

  • A very happy caller would have a high positive point value such as "50".
  • A  dissatisfied caller would have a very low negative point value such as "-70"
report highlighting
  • Good phrases are listed in blue with the positive point value 
  • Bad phrases are listed in red with the negative point value
New call recording AI transcription available between: SRC: 8042881933 & DST: 4203

Length: 11 seconds
Date: 2022-09-30 14:28:18
Phrase Count: 5
Phrase Score: -25

[Agent] hello. this is grace.

[Caller] hey. this is bob calling from east school. can i speak to grant, please?

[Agent] give me 1 second.

[Caller] alright. thank you.

[Agent] hello, this is grant.

[Caller] hey, grand it's bob. my dell inspiron computer is broken again and the tech did not show

[Agent] Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

[Caller] do you have time?
[Caller] It's quick problem. we gotta try to troubleshoot you though.

[Agent] Yes. Let's

[Caller] so do you remember that p g made for me the the the key?

[Agent] u
[Agent] yep.

[Caller] the the insurance company finally got back and this is not working (-5) for them.

[Agent] did not follow the directions that they sent.
[Agent] alright.
[Agent] let's see.
[Agent] can you remote me into your computer?

[Caller] yeah.

[Agent] i just need to go to fast support dot com.

[Caller] what what is that again?

[Agent] fast
[Agent] support
[Agent] dot com.

(the customers problem is fixed.)

[Caller] thanks Grant, you are great. I guess it's something i did.

[Caller] Got to good. bye bye.

[Agent]Thank you

Optional Features

Integration with your CRM to better label reports such as the open service order number and provide another report  filter. Why report on a sale person calling you for your car warranty?

Want the best (SEO) search engine optimization possible? We provide you a separate marketing telephone number combined with our AI engine. We make your phone ring and measure the sales persons interaction with the prospect.

Our purpose is "we keep you connected" Artificial Intelligence keeps you connected to your employee's and your customer's state-of-mind.