Infotel Systems Voice and Data Center

Infotel Systems Richmond Locations

Infotel Systems primary data center  is co-located with a Verizon Central Office. Our backup DC is in another state.


  • Redundant fiber to DC, NYC and Denver for customer trunking. Inbound traffic fails over to alternate fiber paths sourced from another city. 
  • Our hosted PBX servers are backed up each night locally to servers  in a separate building with a copy sent offsite.

Diverse routed Fiber carriers include:

  • Verizon  (Located next door)
  • Comcast (Richmond Hub: 1 mile away)
  • Windstream (Richmond Hub: 2 miles away)
  • Level 3 (pop 1 mile away)


  • 600 amp service
  • Two hour UPS for all systems in the unlikely event our primary generator has issues
  • Redundant generators with 20-day supply of propane fuel
  • Routine maintenance provided regularly on all backup systems


  • Redundant high efficiency 20 SEER AC units insuring our electronics stay cool and function at optimum efficiency
  • Energy-efficient (“green”), reflective-white insulated roof installed in 2016


  • Traditional fire detection system
  • VESDA Laser Plus: Early warning smoke detection system
  • Halon fire suppression system


  • Single owner center and the owner works here
  • All employees bonded and registered with Virginia Department of Criminal and Justice Services: DCJS #  11-5961
  • Secure access card system prevents unauthorized access
  • Video cameras with 30-day video storage
  • 24/7 live monitoring by Richmond Alarm for entrance, fire, water, power and temperature
  • 24/7 monitoring by Keener Communications for selected software systems


  • Less than a mile from Interstates 64, 95 and 195
  • Easy access via major state maintained roads
  • Three employees live within one mile of our VoIP center

Better Voice Design:

Most data center outages are due to:  (

  • Human error  (We are small, well trained, and efficient.)
  • UPS failure  (We use distributed small UPS systems and batteries: primitive and reliable.)
  • Cyber-crime & denial of service  (We maintain a small surface area.)

We use the same carrier and backup carrier tunneled connections to our customers. Talk to us about the benefits of this method, or if you have any other questions about Infotel Systems.

We DON’T use BGP. This greatly reduces our risk of direct attacks on our routers  as well as limiting a hacker’s abilities to gain access via router protocols. This results in safer, more secure data for our customers and our company.

Backup Data Center:

We operate two backup sites. One in Richmond and another in Denver, Colorado.