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Service agreements can be confusing. Our managed services performance agreement is also our motto. “We keep You Connected”.

Coverage includes but is not limited to;

  • Can’t make/receive phone calls or call drops.
  • Can’t access the WIFIi, server or printer.
  • Can’t access your files, accounting data.
  • Internet support requires you to report to your provider (and get a ticket#) our written diagnosis such as “Comcast coax line quality shows high noise ingress” We will take over at the first road block.

Also included are the support practices of (with conflicts in policy favoring the customer);

  • William and Mary University IT support for faculty and staff.
  • Microsoft OS best practices for security and reliability such as patch updates and domain controller group policy.
  • Your named agreement routers and switches. Restoral of configuration files and also hardware replacement if you rented the device.
  • Our part in maintaining a letter A grade from the

Not covered

  • Printers problems past the ability to respond to a print job. Print quality, jams, etc are not covered.
  • Non response to security issues we detect due to 3rd party vendors.
  • War, terrorism, acts of God, malicious or careless (non Infotel employee) accidents such as spilled cups of coffee.
  • Devices not on an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
  • Failures due to 3rd party equipment such as your HVAC failed and cooked your server.
  • Any equipment or software on an end-of-life or end-of-support list.
  • Computer desktop or server hardware. (We recommend Dell next day support)
  • Connection issues of 3rd party web services past the log in screen unless listed on your agreement. Example: Microsoft365 email admin services.