Our Internet Security Layers

We operate our own data center. Operating many devices and having multiple Internet connections, we have a large “surface area” of attack. Our Internet security package is based on multiple layers. For security, we won’t go into detail. Ask about this in person.

Secure VPN connections to our customers for voice and data traffic

Two firewalls

  • Edge voice optimized firewalls locked down by access control
  • Layer 7 Security Firewall to filter content

Isolated networks

  • Physical separate voice and data cabling
  • Logically separated data VLANs

Server and PC

  • OS Patch Updates
  • Virus Protection updates
  • Monitoring

Multiple copy and version backup

Human Security

Our company and techs are all https://www.dcjs.virginia.gov class trained, certified and fingerprinted. Our DCJS # is 11-5961.

  • We provide simulated Phishing Attacks (and education) to our customers
  • We install Security Cameras and can archive footage offsite if desired