4G & 5G Internet Backup

We install roof mounted directional antennas to special dual wan routers to maintain voice & data communications during Internet outages.

Outstanding up-time is critical for our hosted VoIP business telephone system and IT customers.

Here is a video of how 4G backup works to preserve voice communications for our hosted VoIP voice customers.

Powerful 4G Directional Antenna

We install this device on your roof to pull in a powerful 4G signal. We survey to find the closest cell tower and then point the antenna in that direction. Two low loss LMR-400 cables are connected to the connectors shown in the picture. They are routed into your building from a side all. We never penetrate your roof. The entire structure sites on a non-penetrating roof mounted weighted with cinder blocks. The entire weight is less that an average man at 180 lbs.

Great Throughput

Here is a speed test. The antenna provides a very strong -56 db signal. In other words, full bars, and then add a bar or two!