Voice (VoIP) and Data IP Networks

Why choose Infotel Systems

  • Since 2000, we have operated our own data center. Our IP networking skill comes from 24/7 immersion in critical IT services delivery over IP networks.
  • Clear voice audio needs a high performance WAN/LAN IP network. Voice & Data IP networks are a core skill.
  • We keep you connected” is our mission.  Good IP flow with no leaks. (It’s challenging to find a good plumber on short notice !)

The definition of Telecom is “communication at a distance aka “transport.  It’s our core expertise. For our VoIP phone service to sound good, the IP network must be perfect as this is the plumbing that makes all of your devices work. We have deep expertise in this area.

We install and service provide a variety of networking services.

  • Internet repair such as found at comcastrepair.com
  • SD-WAN design. Software designed wide area networks replace expensive dedicated circuits. 95% of our customer base uses SD-WAN.
  • Switches
  • Wifi access points.
  • Cabling repair. For large jobs, see www.cableterm.com