Digital TV Stations - Richmond, VA

Ditch your paid TV package. For a fee, we can install a roof mounted Digital TV Antenna to pull in many HD quality Richmond digital TV stations.

We will also provide the essential parts of the pictured roof antenna system at no cost for our hosted voice customers. The customer performs a self-install. Parts cover 1-2 TVs

To find coverage in your area and antenna locations, see This site lists main channels and not the sub channels such as 12-1, 12-2 and 12-3. See the guide below for clarification.

Richmond, VA Digital TV Channel Guide

The following stations were received from our offices and from around Richmond. Pictured is a recent install in Scott's Addition. The system is professionally installed and grounded.

ChannelOwnerLocalityCall SignNick NameFrequency
1/4 wave
06-1WTVR-TVRichmond WTVR-HD CBS8390.3
06-2WTVR-TVRichmond CBS6ANT Antenna TV8390.3
06-3WTVR-TVRichmond CBS6XTR Weather8390.3
08-1WRIC-TVPetersburg WRIC-TV ABC18141.4
08-2WRIC-TVPetersburg ION ION18141.4
08-3WRIC-TVPetersburg GetTV GetTV18141.4
08-4WRIC-TVPetersburg Laff Laff18141.4
12-1WWBTRichmond WWBT-DT NBC20536.6
12-2WWBTRichmond 12 MeTV Me-TV20536.6
12-3WWBTRichmond Escape Escape20536.6
23-1WCVE-TVRichmond WCVE-HD PBS52514.3
23-2WCVE-TVRichmond WCVE-D2 Create52514.3
23-3WCVE-TVRichmond WCVE-D3 MHz Worldview52514.3
23-4WCVE-TVRichmond WCVE-D4 PBS Kids 24/752514.3
35-1WRLH-TVRichmond FOX FOX59712.6
35-2WRLH-TVRichmond MyTV TBD59712.6
35-3WRLH-TVRichmond Comet Comet TV59712.6
35-4WRLH-TVRichmond Charge! Charge!59712.6
45-1WZTD-LDRichmond WZTD-CD Telemundo65711.4
57-1WCVWRichmond WCVW-HD PBS72910.3
65-1WUPVAshland WUPV-DT CW7779.6
65-2WUPVAshland Bounce Bounce TV7779.6
65-3WUPVAshland Grit Grit7779.6
65-4WUPVAshland LAFF Laff7779.6

digital TV antenna for Richmond TV stations

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