Free Antenna TV - Richmond, VA

We receive 57 high definition channels (OTA) Over the air. It's free TV. 

Ditch your paid TV package. Install a roof mounted Digital TV Antenna to pull in many HD quality Richmond digital TV stations.

To find coverage in your area and antenna locations, see This site lists main channels and not the sub channels such as 12-1, 12-2 and 12-3. See the guide below for clarification.

The following stations were received from our offices at 6008 Hermitage Road, Henrico, VA 23228.

All Richmond stations provide a full 5/5 signal to our TCL 75" model 75S425LBAA TV except the "LD" stations which provide 3/5 signal. This TV complies with the older ATSC 1.0 digital spec. We recommend purchase of a TV with ATSC 3.0 compatibility.

ChannelLocalityNameCall SignSignal 1 - 5
06-1Richmond WTVR-HD  WTVR5
06-2RichmondCBSANT  WTVR5
06-3RichmondCBSXTR WTVR5
06-4RichmondCourt TV WTVR5
06-5RichmondION WTVR5
06-6RichmondNewsy WTVR5
06-7RichmondHSN WTVR5
12-1Richmond WWBT-DT WWBT5
12-2Richmond 12 Me-TV WWBT5
12-3RichmondCircle WWBT5
12-4RichmondION Mystery WWBT5
12-5RichmondTrue Crime Network WWBT5
23-1RichmondVPM WCVE5
23-2RichmondCreate WCVE5
23-3RichmondWorldview WCVE5
23-4RichmondPBS Kids 24/7 WCVE5
23-5RichmondVPMPlus WCVE5
28-1RichmondbeIN Sports Xtra en Español WWBK-LD3
28-2RichmondbeIN Sports Xtra WWBK-LD3
28-3RichmondbeIN Sports Xtra en Español WWBK-LD3
30-1RichmondDefy TVWFWG-LD3
30-4RichmondTrue ReakWFWG-LD3
30-5RichmondbeIn Sports XtraWFWG-LD3
35-3RichmondComet TVWRLH5
35-4RichmondCharge! WRLH5
45-1RichmondTelemundo WZTD-LD4
45-2RichmondNBC-LX WZTD-LD4
45-3RichmondOxygen WZTD-LD4
53-2RichmondNTD AmericaWUDW-LD3
53-4RichmondShop LCWUDW-LD3
53-5RichmondbeIN Sports XtraWUDW-LD3
53-6RichmondbeIN Sports Xtra en Español WUDW-LD3
65-1AshlandCW WUPV5
65-2AshlandBounce TVWUPV5
65-5AshlandStart TVWUPV5

This is the antenna providing the above channel lineup.

We install a free standing non penetrating mount on a pad to protect your roof.

The bottom of the antenna 3 feet off the roof. Thus, it is easy to hide the antenna from the street.

The antenna points SE from our location. 

Enhance free digital TV with a free or home shared streaming package

If you need more than the digital channels provide, most on demand packages allow for a second receiver at another address. For complete information, web page is a great source.

At the time of this web page update on 11/1/2022, we google searched on "stream TV from two locations at the same time" and we found

Two location streaming is allowed?

  • Amazon - Two simultaneous streams can be used.
  • Fubo TV - can stream from home and work just not at the same time
  • Hulu - No restrictions found at terms site.
  • Netflix - Yes. A sub account for estimated $5/mo.
  • Philo - "Each Account can view up to a maximum of three video streams concurrently."
  • Youtube TV - Two can stream at same time if in same area such as home and work.

Most providers have their Terms and Conditions listed at domain/terms such as

Low cost or free (sharing terms are not an issue) that we recommend

  • Amazon Freveee - Free- The commercials frequency of play is not too bad.
  • Peacock TV - $5/month with ads that are not overplayed.
  • Haystack News - Free with ads of frequency no more that daytime news.

Legally playing OTA in a Bar or Restaurant

from (

If you have a TV pulling broadcast signals from the air, it is completely legal to have that TV showing something - even the Super Bowl or World Series - in a bar or restaurant provided that:

  • You do not charge an admission or cover fee,
  • The bar or restaurant in question has less than 3750 square feet of space,
  • No more than four screens are showing the broadcast, and
  • None of the televisions are larger than 55 inches.