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Voice & Data Networks

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Our Top Connectivity Skills

PC's & VoIP Phones that Stay Connected: From cable to router.  Unlike email and web, VPN and (VoIP) voice over Internet is a sensitive real-time connection.

Data and Voice Security: Our data center has seven (7)  Internet feeds and 50 edge routers. We need many locks.

On Call Communications: HVAC, Medical, Electrical.  Replace answering services with our on-call automation. Take the right phone call, right now!

Call Centers: Many references for building, measuring and repairing large volume  environments. We even developed a separate consulting business. www.testcall.com

Comcast Internet Uptime: We will improve it, monitor it for degradation and switch to 4G services when it fails.  comcastrepair.com

We are Local Virginia - Not a big tech west coast operation. Talk to us to discover our technical advantages to being local.

Key Services

  • VoIP Business Telephone Systems

    We simply love designing business telecommunications systems for our many customers. We don't ship telephones to you in a box, we come to your office for setup and training.

  • IT Services

    We operate our own Data Center to provide great service. Our IT mission is business up-time!

  • Data Backup

    Data backup is more than security. We follow the industry  “3-2-1” backup rule: Three backups, Two different media such as your hard drive and a NAS, and One backup is offsite.

  • Security & Monitoring

    We are licensed and certified by DCJS.VIRGINIA.GOV for electronic security. Security requires computer patch management, PC virus protection, email filtering, email phish testing, layer 7 security router, 256bit encrypted VPN tunnels to your voice and data. It also requires physical security in the form of door access and video surveillance.