We keep you conected


VoIP Phone Systems

Local to RVA offers you VoIP advantages. Our #1 feature is our tech support. Never Call That Big Phone Company Again!
We keep you connected to your customers

voice and data networks

Voice & Data Networks

TELE-COM means "distant communications". We are LAN/WAN experts. Let us help with your tele-commuting needs.
We keep you connected to your data

data backup, security and monitoring

Infotel is IT

Host your voice & data services from our Richmond data center. We focus on data backup, security and monitoring.
We keep ONLY YOU connected and others OUT!

Why Choose Infotel?

Choose us if staying connected to your data and your customers is your top priority

We keep you connected. Connected by data and voice to your business resources and to your customers.

Telecommunications – is defined as communication at a distance. We use physical wires, radio signals, and the Internet to deliver telephone voice calls, video, email, text messaging, web chat, fax and audio paging.

We are one of a few locally owned facilities based telecommunications companies. This means we own our own data center and also own private facilities to deliver VoIP telephone service as well as data services to you.

Key Services

  • VoIP Business Telephone Systems

    We simply love designing business telecommunications systems for our many customers. We don't ship telephones to you in a box, we come to your office for setup and training.

  • IT Services

    We operate our own Data Center to provide great service. Our IT mission is business up-time!

  • Data Backup

    Data backup is more than security. We follow the industry  “3-2-1” backup rule: Three backups, Two different media such as your hard drive and a NAS, and One backup is offsite.

  • Security & Monitoring

    We are licensed and certified by DCJS.VIRGINIA.GOV for electronic security. Security requires computer patch management, PC virus protection, email filtering, email phish testing, layer 7 security router, 256bit encrypted VPN tunnels to your voice and data. It also requires physical security in the form of door access and video surveillance.