Text Enable Your Landline Telephone Number - Text to Smartphone & PC App

Customer Texts your
Landline Telephone Number

Infotel Systems Data Center

You Respond to Text Via
Our Smartphone App

Screenshots of the smartphone app

Your "personal" text messaging app on your smartphone is not used.

We install a second "business line" app on your smartphone that handles texts to/from your office phone number. You can handle multiple text conversations just as you would with your default smartphone app.

Three Multiple User Scenarios

Shared:Users share a common sms number, All users see the fully threaded conversation in real time. Perfect for customer service queue.

Broadcast:User have unique personal sms numbers and also receiving a broadcast from a common 2nd sms number. All users get the text but any answer comes from their unique personal sms number. Not fully threaded for each user.

Frontline: Custom log in/ log out and even distribution of texts. The thread is passed from user to user. Who ever is on call.