Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)


VoIP phones use the Internet as a communication path. VoIP differs from the classic, 100+ year old copper line transport and mechanical switch method invented by Alexander Graham Bell and later improved in the 1960’s and beyond with digital computer switches.

VoIP service comes in two varieties:

VoIP Trunks

We provide you VoIP trunks that connect back to our VoIP data center and an on site VoIP PBX connected to digital phones. This design has advantages when you have door intercom boxes, old telephone cabling that can’t be upgraded, or have complex overhead paging needs.*

VoIP Stations

We provide you VoIP phones that connect back to our hosted PBX at our VoIP data center. This is perfect for small installs of 5 to 25 phones and for multi-office businesses.*

*Either method requires a VoIP PBX located at your business or at our Richmond VoIP data center.