Great Employees, Local RVA Data Center - We Keep You Connected

We are the Richmond VoIP systems provider that operates their own own data center. We keep you connected. Our employee work years add up to about 150 years of on the job knowledge. 

Pictured below are two valued employees, Kevin Jones and his dad Jeff Jones. Jeff has worked with us since 1998. Before that our CEO worked for Jeff as a contractor.

The Jones team just finished a campus VoIP telephone system install for Hampton Christian Academy. Kevin Jones (son) is also our onsite IT administrator for this customer.


The best thing about Infotel Systems is the team that takes care of you. 

You benefit from a staff that knows you and your "Infotel Systems" when you call for support.And since we are in the phone business, we like to answer the phone and provide immediate answers.

System installer Grace Brodersen (pictured below) is one of four brodersen family members working for at Infotel Systems.



We Bought a Data Center

We operate a  data center next to a Verizon data center and a mile from Comcast Main hub to provide direct connectivity to YOUR Internet. 

Your hosted applications and phone system exist on servers within walking distance from our desk. (We also maintain a second location).  We host more IT and telecom devices that most consultants have across their customer base. 

Your advantage is a fast application performance and ultra fast response to your service needs.


How We Support You

We started as a telephone company so we like to pickup the phone and have an immediate answer.

We are a data driven group.

Our timeline history is listed here.


Dolly, Our Therapy Dog

because we manage your Internet provider for you.