Typical Fax Error Rates

Our sending faxing system has about a 1% error rate to high quality fax end points of our medical and law firm customers. We are quite proud of this.

Our actual fax logs show a high rate. To be able to boast 1%, we eliminate;

  • busy signals
  • ring no answer
  • voice answer
  • send or receive manual cancel (paper jamb)

Unfortunately, many endpoints are poorly designed fax over IP (FoIP) endpoints.  Most businesses have error rates is 5% outbound and 8% inbound.

When faxes fail, it is typically a single fax source that says “We can’t send a fax”.

The Failed Fax Send Error Reduction Process

  • Infotel – We will take a manual read of our system error rates across all customers.
  • The middle – We provide you a second fax number designed to take a different call path to our servers. Most of the time, this 2nd number works.
  • Destination – The remaining focus is on the sender.
    • Do only large faxes, over 500 pages fail?
      • Many times these are mechanical issues with a paper feeder.
      • We will send to ourselves a fax of the same size from a  third party “electronic fax” service.  This is a fax not sourced from a stack of papers in a hopper.
    • Ask the sender to reboot their fax machine or server.
    • We establish a permanent 3rd fax number for you on a fax system run by another company. If this fails, we can say two independent systems, with nothing but the sender fax in common, can not receive the senders fax.

Observations from our industry peers say a 6% error rate (send and receive combined) is typical

Fax transmission is an analog technology. It’s modem tones transmitted over a phone line at around 2100 hz. In the old days of analog lines, what fax is based on, we saw error rates of 6%. Like making a copy of an (analog)  cassette tape, analog fax tones can be compressed and re-transmitted that yield literally a poor sounding copy of the original fax transmission.  Today, in the day of voice over IP VoIP and without our services,  we see as much as a 20% error rate. Beyond our data, below is third party evidence.

” no one will sign off on it but you are looking at 5 – 7%”  – industry expert. We can play the name of this person and company privately.

… googling the phrase https://www.google.com/search?&q=typical+facsimile+error+rate


“When attempting to send real-time faxes over an IP network that is operating under normal conditions, a success rate of 80% is reasonable for single-page faxes. ”



“Traditional analog faxing has roughly a 5% failure rate; e-faxing has a slightly higher failure rate around 5-8% due to the additional steps necessary with a fax server. ”



“Fax over internet, FoIP, had formerly been unable to achieve a transmission success rate of more than 85%