Infotel AI - Call Analytics



Customer Support

Do your people present good phone skills? Reward good customer service! Infotel AI can actually track compliments as employee reward points.

Phrases to detect examples are:

Wow! Dorothye did a great job!
I will refer Infotel Systems to everyone!
Chuck was very helpful yesterday!

Ad performance

Measure ad performance by caller response.

Phrases to detect examples are:

  • “I want the radio1 special”
  • I found you on xxx

Product Quality Line

A company providing prepared foods my choose to be alerted for typical (hopefully not !) product complaints

Phrases to detect examples are:

  • Stale
  • Past sell date
  • Mold
  • Flavor off
  • My batch number is xxx

    Service Industry

    Measure how well your service writers intake callers. How well do they engage the customer. Do they ask good questions? Do they advise on your fees and polices.

    Phrases to detect examples are:

    • Recall
    • How did you hear about us?
    • Our rates are xxx
    • Our hours are xxx
    • It’s still not fixed.

    Medical Call Center

    Running in a HIPPA mode, we only detect phrases said by your agent. The purpose is patient safety through agent to patient advisories.  Possibly just for new staff.

    The method does not require the automated attendant phrase "your call may be recorded for quality assurance" thus eliminating an often off-putting advisory. 

    Agent phrases to detect examples;

    • Please always call your pharmacy for prescription refills.
    • always complete your prescription
    • how did you hear about us 
    • do you have any allergies, etc. (basic intake questions)