Mission, Vision & Values

Our purpose: To provide Communication Technology to Keep you Connected and Engaged with your: Data, Employees, Customers.

Our Mission is to Provide:

  • Business VoIP telephone systems with clear audio, constant up time, and ease of use. 
  • Business communications reports (KPIs) that become your employees “call to action”.  
  • Turnkey business communications solutions for specific vertical markets.
  • Provide voice & data connectivity solutions. Connectivity is telecom.

Our Vision is:

  • To maintain our status as a telecommunications solutions provider and problem solver for Virginia business.
  • Integrate (AI) Artificial Intelligence tools into communications data to improve customer process.
  • To keep voice, video and other real-time communications relevant for time-sensitive business communications.
  • Adapt to the convergence of IT and Telecom via an IT division that focuses on applications but leaves the connection to telecom.               

Our Values That Guide Us:

  • Plan the work, work the plan makes for perfect installs, uncommon reliability.
  • Clarifying data is the critical first step for troubleshooting and for operations.
  • Honesty, candor and accountability.
  • Well engaged, responsive with ability to prioritize.
  • Simplify process and systems.
  • Happy employees make for happy customers.


Tech Corner

  • Think of telecom as being layers 1 – 4 of the OSI model. This is the transport set. It’s the connection. This is our focus.
  • IT is layers 5-7 . This is the application set. It’s the user interface such as Quick books or Microsoft Excel.