RVA Loyal – Information & Telecom Systems

We serve Virginia business. Our company owned data center is located in Henrico, Virginia.

Information technology + user process = Information Systems. To make a connection between your business technology resources and your people, you need an Infotel system!

Telecommunications – is defined as communication at a distance. We use physical wires, radio signals, and the Internet to deliver telephone voice calls, video, email, text messaging, web chat, fax and audio paging. We are a locally owned facilities based phone company.

1988 – CTO Chuck Brodersen started Infotel by installing credit card machines and fax machines for local Richmond companies.

1988 – Designed portable “Centrex” PBX switches for Verizon’s trade shows exhibits to sell new features such as Caller ID Name. For several years we continued this design work and started installing business telephone systems. Verizon was actually our first telephone system customer!

1989 – Filed to US Patent and Trademark office for fax-on-demand 20 days after file date of eventual patent award winner. This technology of image and text retrieval “on demand” was replaced by Internet web pages.

1991 – We then went on to help out Verizon again by creating a Verizon tech ID line that received over 900 calls a day. Our solution replaced the manual system that required techs to call human operators. In the end, we saved Verizon’s Richmond dispatch center about $1500/day in labor charges!

1992 – Our business telephone system business grew, Virginia Urology Center was our first big client after Verizon, then the US Navy.

1993 – Dorothye Seward “married into the business”. As a great partner, business took off. (Still married many years later!)

1998 – Owned the web site ISDN.COM. With Verizon’s help, we started development of our ISDN Direct dial over BRI product. This provided direct dial service with Caller ID Name over redundant digital copper lines. It was a unique product in the US and we sold it! Verizon awarded us a special assembly “whizzer”code “WZ-JFA”. Ask us what JFA stands for.

1999 – Cavalier telephones first agent. We perfected our ISDN DID over BRI invention.

2000 – Bought the data center running Richmond’s largest Internet service provider. The location, next to Verizon central office puts us in control of the phone call switching and the connection to you. Other VoIP providers resell VoIP services or rely on platforms housed in third- party data centers. Human error is the #1 reason data centers fail. Our skilled on-site data center humans are Infotel employees committed to our company values.

2003 – We were encrypting VoIP calls before sending them over the open Internet long before others worried about this. In 2018 it is a requirement for anyone taking credit cards over the phone..

2005 – Developed Virginia’s first SD-WAN technology to deliver “best path” VoIP to our customers. We did not call it SD-WAN. The term was not invented. We are on our third SD-WAN VoIP architecture today.

2012 – Started COMCASTREPAIR.COM to help focus our team to make Comcast coax internet connections stable.

2014 – Developed Verizon 4G backup solutions to Comcast as another SD-WAN option. We erect 20 foot poles and use a wide variety of antennas to pull in a great 4G signal.

2018 – Comcast came out with their own 4G backup solution. Our solution backs up VoIP in under a second, The Comcast solution does not work with VoIP.

2019 – Developed our own sms programs and servers to provide text message enabled landlines.

2021 – Developing (AI) artificial Intelligence applications for better connections to people.

2022 – Improved SMS offerings allowing for SMS queues and SMS message transfer to other agents. AI systems 1.0 is delivering November 1.

2023 – From our data center, over the years, we have processed over a billion telecom calls or messages.

Today, we are the hosted VoIP phone systems and business communications authority in Richmond. Local to Virginia is our VoIP advantage. As a telecommunications company, we also provide all computer network technologies required to insure the reliable transport of business communications. We are at our core, telecom.

Call us and come see us. We are Richmond’s Local telecom Company. You need a system! We keep you connected!