Cabling System Install Process

Customer Homework
  • Supply a floor map as a CAD or PDF file showing numbered jack placement and jack quantities. (dual, quad or 6 outlet plate)
  • Supply a Excel spreadsheet listing above location numbers and staff names so staff endpoints can be placed.
Telephone room backboard
  • Must be a 4′ x 7′ to  8′ or at least 4′ x 4′ sheet of 5/8″ plywood “tall install” with the top edge hitting the ceiling.
  • Install dedicated 15 amp quad outlet centered 12″ from floor.
Cabling rough in
  • Two CAT6 cables are run from each workstation area to the phone closet.
  • The cables must stick out of a single gang box 18″ UNLESS…
  • Permanent office furniture covers the jack locations then you must leave a 15 foot coil of cable attached to the jack box.
  • The cables in the phone closet area must “drop to the floor then two foot more” to allow enough slack for terminations.
  • You do not need to label the cables. We will tone them.
Office furniture vendors
  • If you see a 15 foot coil of cable, don’t cover it! Uncoil it, lay it on the floor, place furniture over cable.
  • If the office furniture has designed single gang jacks, run the cable through the furniture and out the box.
  • We will groom the cable into the furniture
Instructions for any industry certified cabling contractor (Infotel Systems)
  • Supply two or more labeled 568B wall jacks per work station going back to a like labeled 568B patch panel.
  • Cubicle jacks are one or more Quad or Six outlets jacks on the wall next to a cubicle.
  • Jacks are installed on a multi-outlet plate (see pictures below)
  • Supply a 1000MB (1GB) certification sheet using a network cable analyzer.
Multi-outlet communication jacks wall plates
2 port plate 4 port plate 6 port plate

2 outlet (Dual)

4 outlet (Quad)

6 outlet

Additional instructions for all others
  • A computer would work on it.
  • It is point-to-point or hub and spoke. It is not daisy chained from jack to jack.
  • Put private office jack locations furthest from the door in a corner not under a window.
  • Additions to old jacks get all new jacks and faceplate so it looks nice and of the same brand.
Definitions for better communications
  • Jack – An outlet that supports voice, data, fax, point of sale terminal (POS) anything.
  • Cable drop – A location that generally has 2, 3, 4 or 6 jacks going to a single location. Also known as a work area.
  • Permit – We are required to have a permit if cables penetrate hard masonary wall or your HVAC air return is your open ceiling above the tiles.
  • Single gang electrical box – Provided by your electrical contractor to accept a faceplate above. Stub w/ 3/4″ EMT to ceiling, apply bushing.
  • Old work box. – Installed by us for a fee because your electrical contractor did not install a single gang box.
  • We can not come during carpet installation.
  • We must come before ceiling tile installation. It is ok to have the ceiling tile grid installed.
  • We need onsite power, light and heat/cool.
  • Your job is confirmed when you have a service order number with date and time of install.
  • Provide general contractor contact information for coordination of scheduling.
If we are using or modifying your existing cabling, please send us a picture like this of just two jacks.
  • You will simply need to unscrew two screws holding the wall plate to the box in the wall.