Repeal of Net Neutrality?

We designed our VoIP product for this.

On Thursday, 12/14/2017, the FCC voted to repeal Net Neutrality rules. What is Net Neutrality? 

Here is a bottom line explanation:

Inter-state – a physical highway that connects road segments owned by different states

Inter-net – a digital highway that connects networks owned by different carriers

Intra-net – a digital local highway owned by the same entity

Net Neutrality is government prevention of toll gates on the highways at a transition from one carrier owned network to another. On 12/14/2017, the FCC voted to allow carriers to resume tolls on the information highway that had been erected before. Anyone who had a seemingly massive home Internet connection,  yet still saw their Netflix videos stall to reload, experienced an unpaid toll by Netflix to various ISPs. Even if the current Net Neutrality vote is reversed, it will likely reverse again. Like health care, war, and taxes, this issue will ebb and flow.

We considered the carrier’s position of Net Neutrality when optimizing our VoIP technology for the 804 area code:

  • We have direct Intra-net connections to your carrier.  We don’t cross “Interstate” toll gates like national providers.
  • We use SD-WAN technology to make routing decisions at your premise, and not leave it up to the ISP. Some traffic jams are simply natural and not your ISP ‘s fault.
  • We are close to Richmond business. We are co-located close to Richmond’s Internet providers. Our RVA VoIP path is a very short drive.