Sangoma Connect Mobile App Voice Quality Guide

We expect the voice quality to your hard wired desk phones to be perfect. If it is not, CALL US! We will handle and clear any network issues.

Yet, maintaining voice quality to mobile clients is a team effort. The reason is simple. It's your phone and your wireless carrier. Also, Infotel Systems may not have control of the the wifi system.

Please review below three screens on our smart phone mobile app.


Call Display Screen
While on a call, click the blue icon.
The Call Quality screen displays.


Call Quality Screen
Jitter must be under 100ms
Packet Loss must be under 5%


Network Preferences Screen
Set "Prefer Mobile Data" for shared/public WiFi

Voice Quality Troubleshooting

Voice quality is expected to be great in these scenarios. This is a required baseline test. Report ANY issues when;

  • in your building when using an Infotel Systems designed WIFI system that has access points that look like this. 
  • On a strong 4G or 5G signal in a stationary position that is not a crowded public venue or an airport. 

1) Issues with WIFI need to be investigated using our Unifi wifi controller in our data center. 

2) AP's (UniFi talk = devices) and users(UniFi talk = clients) need a named alias associated with the MAC address for tracking problems.

UniFi Dashboard

  • You do not see any red on this screen
  • "Everything is Great!" is reported at top of screen with a  score of 95% or better.
  • Investigate anomalies (give client an alias name!) 
  • Access point Retry Rate is above 40%. 

3) Client tests

  • Call quality screen shot returned
  • Speed test 

4) Do desk phones have an issue ? All sites need at least two desk phones and the audio performance should be always flawless.

National Provider VoIP Quality Guides

Ring Central Mobile Issues

A Ring central app called "Ring out" forces outbound calls over cellular. They also list detailed instructions for clearing voice quality issues.

8x8 Mobile Issues

They provide very detailed instructions for voice quality issues. They also include call quality stats on their mobile app to help troubleshoot network issues.

Mitel Voice Quality Troublshooting

Mitel offers this "brief" 8 page guide and this huge 72 page manifesto!