804 Audio Conference

Benefits over other conference services:

  • It’s your own dedicated 804 number, thus the PIN can be shorter
  • It does not drop calls like free services
  • It’s secure

To join the conference:

  • Callers dial 804-xxx-yyyy and then enter a 3 digit USER PIN to join the conference in wait mode
  • The admin also calls  804-xxx-yyyy and then enters a 3 digit ADMIN PIN to join the conference

When someone joins, these options are available:

  • A message can be played to the caller before joining the conference
  • A sound can play to all attendees that someone else has joined: “beep-beep”
  • A user count can display with each user who joins the conference
  • Name announcements when an attendee joins or leaves the conference

This menu can be made available to conference attendees when they press *


DigitAdmin User User
1Mute/Un-Mute SelfMute/Un-Mute Self
2Lock/Unlock ConferenceDisabled
3Eject last user who joined conferenceDisabled
4Decrease Listen Volume of ConferenceSame for user
5Resets the caller's listening volume to the default level.Same for user
6Increase Listen Volume of ConferenceSame for user
7Decrease Talk volumeSame for user
8Leave MenuSame for user
9Increase Talk volumeSame for user
0Allows an Admin to mute/unmute all non-admin participants in the conferenceDisabled
*Play menu optionsSame for user
#Leave ConferenceLeave Conference