Voice Response Systems


Over the years, we have developed many custom telecom applications, which include:

800 Menu Routing

Developed for a few multi-office medical clients.  The medical practice publishes one 800 number. Calls to this 800 number reveal a menu allowing transfers to all area offices.

800 Routing by Area Code

Developed for several real estate clients under a common franchise.  You call an 800 number and are routed to the closest real estate office within the franchise. This allows several offices to share the cost of region wide advertising.

Company Calling Card

Calling card for .08/minute and no surcharge. Employees can call in on an 800 line and be transferred out to any number. System logs all calls for each employee to a file. For calls that are transferred back out to numbers local to the system, the cost of such calls can be as little as .08/minute with NO surcharge.


Developed for a large Urology practice. Allows patients to call a number, enter a passcode and hear their lab results.

Prescription Refill Line

Designed for several medical practices. Call to leave prescription refill information with your doctors office.

Phone Tree

Phone Tree provides for automated delivery of an audio message by telephone to a list of people. Phone Tree first accesses a specific contact record in a database then…

  • Calls the contact phone number
  • Asks for the contact by title or name
  • Delivers the message
  • Confirms receipt of the message to a log
  • Hangs up and starts over with the next contact record.
Travel Line

Designed for a local, private busline. Informs callers to regional bus tours and faxes back information.

Turkey Mortality Line

Reporting system for Wampler Foods contract turkey farmers.