Regulations Require Secure & Reliable Voice Communications


Old Phone Service Was Secure, Some VOIP Systems Are Not

Your old phone system used (POTS) Plain Old Telephone Service. It was the analog line standard for one hundred years since Alexander Graham Bell.  Many considered “POTS” impervious to hacking. Yet, most VoIP phone systems use unsecured Internet connections connected to your data network. VoIP provider Vonage states on this web page “.. do not use VoIP … use analog telephone lines instead as they are just harder to tap and extract the data from”

The Risk of Unsecured Voice – PCI (credit card) Example

Your sales person takes a credit card number over your new Voice over Internet (VoIP) telephone system. The system does not feature VoIP audio encryption.  Many systems fail this VoIP security requirement as PCI 3.0 was only ratified in November 2018. You are subject to these fines.

Industry Standards Security Review

  • HIPPA – requires voicemails, audio recordings and call reports to be protected. Unlike national providers, we can provide an onsite storage for the ultimate in compliance.
  • PCI –  Telephone system VoIP security rules. We encrypt all traffic. Handled!
  • FIRNA – rule 4370 recommends business continuity systems such as 4G internet backup to a failed Comcast Internet. Rule 3170 covers voice recordings.
  • NISTstandards for VoIP security to include separation of voice and data networks. A national VoIP company that self-install ships phones in a box does not comply.
  • SOX – Reflects NIST standards for data network protection.

Infotel Systems is Your Secure & Reliable VoIP Provider

  • VPN – We encrypt and secure your voice transmission in a VPN.
  • Voice Recordings – We can provide an onsite recording server with no open Internet connection.
  • Separation of voice & data networks – We run separate voice & data cables and Ethernet switches.
  • Internet backup – We offer 4G Internet backup to meet business continuity guidelines.

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