Regulations Require Encrypted Voice, Separate Networks, Protected Storage & Backup Internet


Why is this an issue?

Your old phone system used something called (POTS) Plain Old Telephone Service. The government considered it impervious to hacking. It was the standard for one hundred years since Alexander Graham Bell.  Yet, most VoIP phone systems don’t use this direct private path. They use the wide open Internet and they connect to your local area network.  So…

Non compliance to your industries VoIP and network regulations can cost you thousands of dollars. Google

Here is a violation example

Your sales person just took a credit card number over your new Voice over Internet (VoIP) telephone system. The system does not feature VoIP audio encryption.  Regretfully, many systems fail this VoIP security requirement as PCI 3.0 was only ratified in November 2018.

We list in detail these standards below

So what is the security compliance of your current VoIP provider?

  • Vonage – VoIP explains the dangers of using VoIP if you verbally take credit cards over the phone. Their web site states “What can you do to protect yourself?, DON’T USE VOIP.
  • Ring Central – use of encryption started in late in 2018 according to bulletins.
  • Many smaller VoIP providers are not yet compliant with these regulations.   
  • Infotel Systems has encrypted their VoIP communications and used physical network isolation since the very first VoIP customer in 2003.   

Infotel Systems designs for VoIP security.

  • VPN – We encapsulate your voice transmission in a VPN. This protocol is the only way we connect.
  • Voice Recordings – Internet accessible voice recordings violate several regulations. We can provide a recording server with no open Internet connection.
  • Separation of voice & data networks – We run separate voice & data cables and use separate voice and data switches.
  • Internet backup – We offer 4G Internet backup to meet business continuity guidelines.

You want security, just don’t lock the door, eliminate the door. For traffic to stay in a lane, build a private road. Our old school methods are more complex than shipping phones in a box. National VoIP providers can’t dispatch to do the things that are required for VoIP security compliance.

We offer a simple security audit at no cost and will provide you  a written report to show to your current VoIP provider.

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