SD-WAN’s Multiple Internet Links  Keeps You Connected

We keep you connected! We install Internet routers with multiple carrier connections. With no single point of failure, you benefit from constant Internet uptime. This multi-path technology is called software defined wide area networking or SD-WAN for short.

SD-WAN as defined by has four characteristics:

  • Must support multiple internet connection types to connect offices together.
  • Can do dynamic path selection for load balancing and fail-over such as:
    • traffic split on multiple ISP into one logical VPN with ramp up on surviving link
    • simple switch to failover upon next hop ping fail
    • Bouncing circuit 5 minute timeout and we switch to secondary
    • Switch paths based on loss, latency or jitter
  • Provides a simple interface for managing the WAN
  • Must support multiple VPN’s
SD-WAN Benefit

Normal routers just pass data to the router on the other end of the internet pipe.

The big benefit of an SD-WAN system is that your data has multiple roads to take leaving your premise and has the smarts to route between the internet “roads” when it sees congestion, bouncing, delays, or that the highway bridge overpass is out.

It’s all about the Internet Connection

Establishing and managing quality internet connections is the foundation for any SD-WAN. Here is our expertise for our Virginia based customers:

Verizon Internet Connectivity:
  • We are co-located next to a Verizon central office and have redundant fiber and DSL copper connectivity to Verizon.
  • We run “meet up” conduits from Verizon public right-of-way fiber vaults into the customer premise to get you FIOS qualified.
  • We test and diagnose DSL circuit impairments; something a telecom company does better than a strictly IT company.
  • We have developed advanced Verizon 4G/ LTE roof antenna systems to maintain 30 Mbps upload and download speeds.
Comcast/Cox Coax Internet Connectivity:
  • We operate and consult nationwide on cable company DOCSIS coax standard issues.
  • We have Comcast fiber and coax into our data center for our operations and testing.
  • We have our own tools, coax, and test equipment to repair premise coax issues.
  • From our NOC, we monitor hundreds of coax customers. We detect “mainline” and “node” issues and thus affect faster repairs. When we fix you, we fix your neighbors.
Point-to-Point Microwave Systems

We also install point-to-point microwave systems to complete connectivity where it fits. We can support speeds of up to 2.5 Gbs.