Law Office Communications

Our voice and data solutions are perfect for law offices. The most popular features include:

Audio Conferencing Phones

Wireless conference phones can be located in the middle of a conference table without ugly wires. External microphones provide for excellent audio to remote attendees to the conference.

Audio Conferencing Room

Call a telephone number, enter a pin and join an audio conference. Our systems have built in multi-party audio conference. It’s dependable and always included. No 3rd party conference service is required, and no dropped calls as is experienced with “free” conference calling services.

Audio Recording

Call audio recording allows for playback of critical communications. It can be automatic, automated with disable per call or enable per call. The recordings can be integrated with a call log.

Call Detail Recording

Record the data for every call. Date & time, duration, number dialed or received, extension that made call, and even an account code for billing purposes.

Call Queuing

Many firms want a human answer. We can queue calls (up to three) for the receptionist to allow for this and overflow to other staff if wait times are exceeded.

Cell Gateway

Our service allows your cell phone to show your office direct dial number. This way, return calls ring you during the day but go to business voicemail and not your personal cell phone at night.

Click to Dial

Highlight any telephone number on your Windows computer, press F12 and the phone dials. We can add more integrated “click to dial” capabilities from any legal software application to include:

  • Abacus
  • ProLaw
  • PCLaw
  • Time Slips

This helps with time billing from phone activity.

Direct Dial

Direct dial telephone numbers can ring directly to attorney phones and extensions of the attorney’s legal secretary . This allows an attorney to screen incoming calls using Caller ID during busy periods, knowing that the call is also ringing at his or her legal secretary’s desk.

Encrypted Network

We are one of just a few VoIP providers that use secure VPN VoIP connections to provide service. This means your client calls are encrypted. They DO NOT travel over the open Internet.


We are experts in faxing. For more, go to

Security Features for your Office Location

Outside door phones ring extensions. Press a code to activate an electronic door lock. Hidden panic buttons provide secure access and secure reception of guests.

Simultaneous Ringing

We can simultaneously ring desk and cell phones at the same time, so you never miss an important call while out of the office. Since the call goes through the PBX, we can easily record time on mobile phone vs. desk phone for billing purposes.

Voicemail Transcription

We can transcribe audio messages to text using IBM Watson Technology. This allows you to “read” your voicemail messages in locations where audio playback is discouraged.

All this comes in addition to the basics on speakerphone, automated attendant, and 600 other features.