Keep Your Virginia Dollars in Virginia

Fang stands for Facebook-Apple-Amazon-Netflix-Google. It is short hand to describe the big IT tech firms located on the west coast.

Most national VoIP providers (bolded below) are also located on the west coast.

Consider keeping your dollars on the east coast by doing business with a Virginia company.

West Coast Technology Companies

8 X 8 - Campbell, California
Amazon - Seattle, Washington
Apple - Cupertino, California
Cisco - San Jose, California
Dialpad - San Francisco, California
Event Brite - San Francisco, California
Facebook - Menlo Park, California
Genesys - Menlo Park, California
Google - Mountain View, California
Go Fund Me - Redwood, California
Intermedia - Sunnyvale, California
Jive - Palo Alto, Califonia
Line2 - La Jolla, California
Microsoft - Redmond, WA
Netsapiens - La Jolla, California
Netflix - Los Gatos, California
Nextiva - Scottdale, Arizona
Ooma - Sunnyvale, California
Open Phone - San Francisco,California
Ring Central - Belmont, California
Ruby - Beaverton, Oregon
Shoretel - Sunnyvale, California
Twitter - San Francisco, California - Winnetka, California
Vonage - Sweden (Ericson)
Zoom - San Jose, California

Our HQ and primary data center are located in Richmond, VA

We also offer a made in Virginia / USA technology platform comprised of

Adtran Routers and Switches - Huntsville, AL
Intel CPU based CPU - USA
Data center & engineering - Richmond, VA
Hosted platform - Built by Infotel in Richmond, VA
Phones - USA built phones are available

We connect our Virginia customers more directly to the center of the Internet.